Attorney Adi Keidar. Archive
Attorney Adi Keidar. Archive Photo: Flash 90

On Sunday, Guy Avnon, a judge in the Hashalom Court House in Rishon Letzion ordered the Israel Police to file a complaint to The Department of Complaints of Interrogees for one of the youths being prevented from meeting with his attorney while being interrogated by the Shin Bet.

Included, is an order for a probation officer to meet with the minor.

The judge’s order came after the minor was brought before him and complained of the violence and humiliation committed by the Shin Bet during interrogations.

The judge considered it an obligation to share the information with the minor’s parents and Attorney Keidar, whi is representing him. The latter demanded that a complaint be forwarded to the Department of Complaints of Interrogees, a request the judge accepted.

Attorney Adi Keidar of the Honenu organization said, “The court spoke directly to the minor behind closed doors. The minor told the judge the means being applied to him, after which the judge updated me and the minor’s parents on the minor’s status.

“We were shocked to hear the complaints of the interrogators shouting, cursing, humiliating him and spitting on his face while talking. This is in addition to the complaints of being shackled with his hands behind his back for hours around the clock, preventing him from touching his nose, hair and anything else that bothers him. There are very short breaks for prayer and meals. In short, the shocking conditions in the detention cell are all added to the complaint that the judge referred to the Department of Complaints of Interrogees, and we hope and look forward to a response from the Department of Complaints of Interrogees on this issue,” Keidar added.