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It was cleared for publication that, “following intensive intelligence activity, on December 30, 2018, a number of suspects were arrested by the Shin Bet and Israel Police in connection with a stone-throwing attack in which Aisha Rabi, a resident of Badi and mother of nine, was killed while riding in a car on Friday night, near the community of Rahelim on October 12, 2018,” according to the Shin Bet.

“The suspects were arrested for serious terrorist offenses, including murder,” the Shin Bet said, noting the suspects “are minors studying at the Pri Ha'aretz yeshiva in Rehelim near the site of the incident.”

“On Saturday morning, the morning after the attack, a group of activists left by car from Yitzhar for a meeting in Rehelim in order to brief young people studying in the yeshiva how to prepare for and deal with Shin Bet interrogations.”

Beyond the above, all the details of the investigation and the identity of the suspects are under gag order.

The Shin Bet said that since the start of the arrests, it has “identified a concerted and ongoing effort by those with an interest in slandering the organization and its employees and delegitimizing its activities. This attempt is worthy of condemnation and non-cooperation, and it does not deter the Shin Bet from continuing its activity to prevent terrorist acts, whether Jewish or Palestinian, under state values ​​and for the security of the state.”

“It should be emphasized that Shin Bet interrogations are carried out according to the provisions of the law and the ruling, are subject to the supervision of the State Attorney's Office as required and of the courts, and thus also in relation to this investigation.”

“The detainees in Shin Bet interrogations receive all the rights they are entitled to under the law. The claims regarding the denial of the rights of the interrogees contrary to the law are baseless and their purpose is to divert the discussion from the serious suspicions for which they were detained for interrogation.”

The Shin Bet also noted that “During the year, the Shin Bet foiled hundreds of terrorist attacks throughout Judea and Samaria, among other things, including Jewish terror attacks.”

“The Shin Bet will continue to act decisively to prevent terror in any form.”

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