Mt. Herzl after the collapse
Mt. Herzl after the collapseFlash 90

Sunday morning, The Jerusalem District Court rejected an appeal filed by Engineer Oren Warshavsky. Warshavsky, who was convicted in the negligent homicide of Lieutenant Hila Batzaleli when a lighting rig on Mount Herzl collapsed in 2012.

Warshavsky, who was responsible for the structure that held the lighting system on the central stage on Mt. Herzl, asserted in his appeal that substantial information was concealed regarding the instability of the building days before the collapse.

On the other hand, the State Attorney’s Office appealed the leniency of Warshavsky’s original sentence of 400 hours of community service.

In that appeal the State Attorney’s office argued that the punishment was not proportionate to the severity of the crime. He was then sentenced to nine months in prison.

Last month, the Jerusalem District Court accepted the appeal from the State Attorney’s office and extended his sentence to 6 months of community service. In addition, Warshavsky was ordered to pay 10,000 NIS to Lieutenant Batzaleli’s family, as well as to two other soldier who were injured in the collapse.

In an agreement reached between his attorneys and those of the State Attorney’s office. Warshavsky withdrew his appeal against the verdict and announced that he will be taking responsibility for his actions.

Today, the judges accepted the arrangement.