Givat Assaf attack scene
Givat Assaf attack sceneDavid Michael Cohen/TPS

Mohammed Barghouti, the 17-year-old brother of Salah Barghouti, the terrorist who carried out the attack near Ofra last month and of Issam Barghouti, who carried out the attack in Givat Assaf, was arrested last night by the IDF along with several other family members.

According to a report on the PA news agency Shehab, the security forces threatened to expel the terrorist's family to Jericho if they did not turn over his brother, Issam Barghouti, suspected of the attack in Givat Assaf, in which two soldiers were murdered and a soldier and a civilian were seriously wounded.

Salah Barghouti, who is suspected of carrying out the attack in Ofra, was eliminated by a Yamam police force during an attempted arrest a few days after the attack in which seven people were wounded, including a pregnant woman whose baby was delivered but died as a result of the attack shortly thereafter. The father of the three is Omar Barghouti, who was held cumulatively in Israeli prison for 28 years.

Sergeant Yuval Mor Yosef, 20, from Ashkelon, and Sergeant Yossi Cohen, 19, of Jerusalem, were murdered in the attack at Givat Assaf. At the time of the attack, Issam Barghouti managed to steal the weapon of one of the soldiers before returning to his car and fleeing the scene. In the attack in Ofra, Shira Ish-Ran was seriously wounded while seven months pregnant, and her baby died as a result of the attack.