NetanyahuPress Release

Prime Minister Netanyahu decried "leftist demonstrators and the media" for exerting "brutal and inhuman pressure" on Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to indict him before the upcoming elections in April.

Police have recommended that the prime minister stand trial in various corruption investigations titled 'Case 1000', 'Case 2000', and 'Case 4000'. Netanyahu can only stand trial, however, if Mandelblit decides to issue an indictment following a prior hearing.

In a video clip he released on Thursday, Netanyahu alleged that "pressure" on Mandelblit to indict him before Israelis go to vote "is reaching its peak".

"They are trying to force the attorney general to intervene grossly in the elections by inviting me to a hearing - when it is known in advance that the hearing cannot be concluded until the elections," continued Netanyahu.

"It is not possible to open a hearing before the elections if it can not be concluded until the elections. It is inconceivable that the public will hear only one side's arguments and will not hear the answers of the other side."

Netanyahu alleged that "the goal is clear,. To try to oust a prime minister by means of a field trial and to steal elections from you, the citizens of Israel".

"How did one of the Likud members put it/"They know that our team always wins, so they try to pressure the referee to get Messi out of the game," Netanyahu concluded, referencing the elite soccer player.

נתניהו: השמאל והתקשורת מפעילים לחץ בריוני ולא אנושי על היועמ"ש