Evacuation of Amona
Evacuation of Amona Hodaya Saadia/TPS

The military secretary of Prime Minister Netanyahu, Brig. Gen. Avi Blot, will be summoned on Friday to meet with Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot after he did not pass on Netanyahu's instructions not to vacate the buildings in Amona.

The military secretary passed the prime minister's instructions only in the morning, when the violent evacuation had already begun. In clashes between opponents of the evacuation and the security forces, 23 policemen and three residents were injured.

The police arrested seven rioters, six of whom were released under restrictive conditions, and another was sent to house arrest for five days.

About 300 young people demonstrated in Amona against the forces that came to evacuate them. Dozens of demonstrators barricaded themselves inside two caravans, poured oil on the road and burned tires to block the arrival of the forces. There were complaints from the demonstrators of violence by the police.

"Hundreds of wonderful youth, who are permeated with the love of the land and cling to it with devotion, are now in Amona in the freezing cold and ready to protest against the injustice of another evacuation there," said MK Bezalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) who was in Amona during the evacuation. "No successful Netanyahu visit to Brazil will overshadow Netanyahu's damage to settlement activity. It is in his hands to legitimize the return to the homes in Amona within five minutes. "

The New Right party responded to the evacuation. "We call on the prime minister to evacuate the illegal Arab construction in Khan al-Ahmar today. Law is law is law. Selective enforcement against Jews only in Amona, in the face of the concern to evacuate illegal Arab construction in Khan al-Ahmar, conveys weakness and hesitation of the Israeli government vis-a-vis the Palestinians, and undermines the deterrence of the State of Israel."

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