Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet ShakedREUTERS

Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked spoke on the phone with A., the mother of one of the minors detained by the Shin Bet on suspicion of involvement in a security incident.

Shaked's phone call was received during the hearing on Thursday in the Lod District Court.

"Thank you very much for the conversation, I appreciate her very much," said A. "I'm not a political person, I'm a mother, Minister Shaked. I turned to you a few times and we really beg you to [use your influence] and demand that our children be allowed to see an attorney.

"Minister Shaked, how can there be in the State of Israel, a civilized country - that our children, who are 16 years old, minors, have not yet seen a lawyer?" A. asked with pain: "How do terrorists see their lawyers immediately, and all the leftists are the first to run to give them their rights?"

"Minister Shaked," the mother added, weeping, "this is my son. He has not seen an attorney. I am begging you."

The Justice Minister replied: "I spoke with the State Attorney twice. I cannot intervene in the investigation, and I do not know the details of the interrogation. I made the call to him and I made this point clear to him, and he made sure that the district attorney was following this personally and reporting to him. They put a spotlight on it and are well aware of it."

A. explained her fears in the shadow of the recent revelations about the recently exposed interrogation in the Acre prison, where interrogators pretended to be inmates in an attempt to intimidate suspected 'Price Tag' vandals into making a confession.

""On Saturday night, I saw what happened on 'Uvda,' but they said then that everything was fine. How can I now believe that they are okay? You're a mother. I'm not asking that he be released, or that I can see him. I want to see him, but I'm realistic, Minister Shaked. I'm asking for a lawyer!"

Minister Shaked promised to contact the State Attorney again. "What I can do, I will do twice, and I will do it a third time - it's just a matter of getting the attorney general's attention. Be strong, I hope their will not be extended," Shaked said. "I promise I'll talk to the State Attorney again."

The minister also clarified: "The investigation is conducted by the director of the Shin Bet, the State Prosecutor's Office supervises."

A. replied: "Yes, but you have more power to influence. what am I? A civil, law-abiding, good citizen. I did an army service. My child is suspicious, I understand, but he deserves a lawyer."

A. reiterated her fears: "I cannot but worry that my son, G-d forbid, will be abused physically,or mentally."

"I promise to talk to him today," Justice Minister Shaked replied. "Be strong and update me if there is good news tomorrow."