Netanyahu Amos Ben Gershom/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke Thursday at a seminar in memory of Lt. Col. Emmanuel Moreno, who fell in combat during the Second Lebanon War in 2006, in front of 650 cadets from Training Base 1.

"You will now enter the army of a country surrounded by enemies on several fronts, and we are resolutely acting against anyone who seeks to threaten us," Netanyahu said at the seminar held at Bar-Ilan University.

"This is happening right now in Syria, against Iran's attempts to establish its military base in Syria, it is also happening on the Lebanese border, and we deny Hezbollah the weapons of terror tunnels it prepared to attack us.

"[Hezbollah] prepared a trick here, but with our own trick we shattered its big surprise weapon, which it planned to use at the beginning of the [next] war. So too do we deny Hamas the ability to smuggle weapons through tunnels into Gaza," Netanyahu added.

According to Netanyahu, "the greatest threat from Iran is the threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of a superpower that declares that we should be destroyed from the face of the earth. Here, too, we struggle, and sometimes I have to fight against all the world's leaders, against what I saw as an existential danger, to fight it in advance. I strongly opposed the nuclear agreement signed with Iran, which paved the way for Iran to have a nuclear arsenal - not a single bomb, but hundreds of bombs. This is an agreement that will fuel the regime's coffers in huge sums, while they immediately turned to aggression."

"I insisted on restoring the sanctions against Iran, and indeed President Trump made the courageous decision to renew them. President Trump is acting against Iran on the economic level, and we here in Israel are acting against Iran on the military level " added the prime minister.