Clashes in Amona
Clashes in Amona Hodaya Saadya/TPS

The National Union party attacked Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Binyamin Netanyahu this morning, Thursday, over the evacuation of Amona taking place at this hour.

"Apparently the prime minister's election campaign begins with the evacuation of Jews from their land," the party noted sarcastically and emphasized, "The houses in Amona were purchased legally."

"The prime minister could solve the bureaucratic problems with a wave of his hand and strengthen the settlements. Instead he preferred to continue the tradition that he allotted his entire term and dismantle Jewish settlements," they added.

The National Union also claimed that "the trigger finger is very quick on everything to do with Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria. We have not seen this impulsiveness in Khan al-Ahmar, which is still standing."

In conclusion, the party made a direct call to Netanyahu: "Prime Minister Netanyahu, we are fed up with promises and talk, we want actions. This is not how to strengthen the settlements. This is not how terror is defeated. This platform of yours will not be forgotten by right-wing voters at the polls.”

MK Betzalel Smotrich, who is with the young people in Amona, told Army Radio this morning that it was "a sad and unnecessary event. The prime minister refuses to evacuate Khan al-Ahmar and Amona, which was purchased legally, he does."

Smotrich added that he "hopes that Bennett and Shaked will condemn the fact that one who aspires to present himself as a right-wing prime minister is evacuating settlements."

Earlier this week, the State Prosecutor's Office informed several of the evacuees that if the buildings were not dismantled within 48 hours, they would be confiscated. The ultimatum was issued despite the fact that the area was legally purchased.

On Wednesday, the residents made it clear that they refused to vacate the structures they placed in Amona and give in to the State Prosecutor’s ultimatum.

The residents bought the land for several million shekels, and the deal was approved by the Civil Administration, but also requires the approval of the political echelon, i.e. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu who also serves as Defense Minister, who does not intend to act on the matter.

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