The return to Amona
The return to Amonaצילום: עצמי

The residents of the community of Amichai, which was built to house those evacuated from Amona last year, stated in a letter to Arutz Sheva that they refuse to vacate the structures they erected in the area of ​​the settlement of Amona and submit to an ultimatum that the State Prosecutor's Office presented them two days ago.

The State Attorney's Office informed several of the evacuees that if the buildings were not dismantled within 48 hours, they would be confiscated. This is despite the fact that the land was legally bought.

The residents bought the land for several million shekels, and the deal was approved by the Civil Administration, but also requires the approval of the political echelon, including the prime minister and defense minister. Both titles are currently held by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who does not intend to act on the matter.

Last week, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit condemned the construction of the buildings and the mass immigration to Amona, which was carried out with the participation of several Knesset members. "Violating the law under the auspices of public figures, such as placing illegal caravans on privately owned land, can not be a source of pride," he said.

Mandelblit contends that in any case, this is a violation of the law, since the caravans were placed in an area defined as a "restricted area" by military order, which means that entry into the area is prohibited. Moreover, the transportation of the caravans required a permit under the Carriage of Caravan Regulations in the Judea and Samaria Area. The permits were not requested from the military commander prior to the erection of the structures and were not issued.

The attorney general further stated: ""After the construction of the buildings, a request for building permits was submitted for placing them on the site by virtue of the city building plan that took place there. In addition, an urgent administrative petition was filed with the District Court in order to prevent the evacuation."