Olympic Table Tennis
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Estee Ackerman, 17, from West Hempstead, NY, won the US Tennis Table Tennis Championship on the 10th of Tevet.

Akerman and her partner in the game, Linda Shaw, took home the gold medals in the championship, which is considered a milestone for the Olympics.

Akerman explained to the Chabad site that she focused on counting calories before the fast, and she practiced more intensely on Monday night when she could still eat, but did not practice at all on Tuesday morning before the tournament began.

"Nothing could have prevented me from winning the gold medal," she said. "I realized that I invested a great deal of work and dedication in this matter, and thank G-d, I'm 17 and in good shape."

The day after the fast, she defeated Lilly Yip, who is ranked first in the US, in the hardbat competition.

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