Friends of the detainees at entrance to hearing
Friends of the detainees at entrance to hearing Courtesy of the photographer

M., the father of one of the Jewish minors under interrogation on suspicion of involvement in a security incident that took place several months ago, is concerned about what his son is undergoing at the Shin Bet facilities.

"We do not know what they will do to them, and we are terrified of a repeat of the Duma incident. Who knows what kind of manipulations they exert on them? Maybe they are experiencing physical and mental harm?” M. asked on Army Radio.

The father attacked the fact that the interrogees were prevented from meeting with lawyers, "apparently because we are settlers with peyot (sidelocks), our lives are cheap. I am certain that the investigation will end with nothing."

On the other hand, former Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon claimed that the investigations were carried out according to the law: "Terrorism is terrorism - no difference between Palestinians and Jews. The Shin Bet is permitted to prevent the detainee from meeting with an attorney - everything is according to the law.”

"You have to say openly - there is Jewish terror. They are the ones who burned the Dawabsheh house. Some of them harm IDF soldiers and undermine Israeli statehood," Ayalon added.

The three Jewish minors were arrested on Tuesday by the Shin Bet’s “Jewish Brigade” and the Judea and Samaria District Police. They will remain in detention for another five days.

The Shin Bet said in response that "The detainees in Shin Bet interrogations receive all the rights to which they are entitled under the law. The allegations about denying the rights of the interrogees illegally are baseless and their goal, among other things, is to divert the hearing from the suspicions over which they were detained for interrogation.