Certificate of appreciation awarded  to the soldier
Certificate of appreciation awarded to the soldierRoi Hadi

A soldier only identified as Y. succeeded in preventing a ramming attack last Wednesday at a hitchhiking post close to the Samaria Brigade base. In so doing, he saved the lives of two women and a young man who were at the popular hitchhiking spot at the time.

At the Samaria Regional Council, the soldier met the young woman he saved, Emunah Mevorach 23, from Har Bracha. Also present were members of the Samaria Regional Council, who’s head Yossi Dagan along with Samaria Division Commander Colonel Sagiv Dahan and Commander of the Samaria Regional Defense Force Shlomi Cohen awarded Soldier Y. with a certificate of appreciation for demonstrating resourcefulness in saving the lives of the Samaria citizens at an attempted terrorist attack.

Emunah Mevorach, the young woman that was saved, fought back tears as she thanked the soldier.

“I am very thankful to you. I cannot describe what would have happened if you had not reacted as fast as you have. We find ourselves at the hitchhiking stop a lot, but you don’t imagine that it will happen to you specifically.”

The soldier told Mevorach that she was standing exactly where the terrorist's vehicle was pointed.

Col. Dahan, who awarded the certificate of appreciation in the name of the Samaria civilians said, “the soldiers showed remarkable courage. They physically protected the citizens of Samaria and the Land. Words cannot express our appreciation to the soldiers, in who’s merit we can now be visiting hospitals and nothing worse than that. We are here smiling and continuing our daily lives. For our part, we promise to continue in our daily lives. The settling and believing is us being stronger than any enemy. The partnership between the IDF and the citizens will continue and grow stronger.”

The Division Commander also congratulated the soldier.

On the certificate of appreciate it is written, “On the bravery and courage that you demonstrated in preventing the ramming attack by the Samaria Brigade. In the name of all the Residents in Samaria, we salute and appreciate you on the sacrifices in defending Samaria specifically and the State of Israel as a whole.”