Leon and Be'eri
Leon and Be'eriSelf

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon visited the City of David National Park near the Western Wall today and met with the director of the City of David, Israel Prize laureate David Be'eri.

During the tour, the mayor visited the excavations of the Antiquities Authority at the Givati ​​parking lot dig and the street excavations which exposed the pilgrims' route to the Temple Mount. This was the main street of ancient Jerusalem that connected the Shiloah Pool to the Second Temple.

"When I entered the excavation, I saw the magnificent paved stones, and I was certain that this was a new paving of the last few years, and when I realized that I was walking on the original stones that the pilgrims had marched on 2,000 years ago, I felt that I was actually meeting the history of the Jewish people. There is a deep connection between the people of Israel and Jerusalem, and I was very moved to experience this connection in such a tangible way today, "a id the mayor.

"This is not the first time I have been here, but there is no doubt that every time a visit like this revives me," the mayor told David Be'eri. "In fact, this is not only your life project but a life project of the Jewish people, It links our generations to the generations of 2,000-3,000 years ago."