Ezrat Israel
Ezrat Israel Adi Gefen/TPS

The Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee is expected to convene today to discuss construction of the Western Wall. The meeting is being pushed by government officials with the aim of approving a mixed-gender area at the Western Wall

Ahead of the discussion, the Joint Headquarters call for the Preservation of the Sanctity of the Western Wall said such a decision would leave "generations weeping."

“The decision will allow the desecration of the Western Wall, to divide it up and to give part of it to Reform Jews who do not follow the tradition of Israel and, in effect, to expropriate part of the Western Wall that is sacred throughout its length and remove it from the responsibility of the Chief Rabbinate,” says the Headquarters.

“We call on everyone to wake up and try to stop the disgrace that the majority of the public opposes. They are essentially trying to make a grab here and permit the impermissible against the opinion of the government and the Knesset, and against the opinion of the majority of the public, they are going to allow the Reform to play their trick.

“Because of this and other political pressures the Prime Minister supports and pushes the move. We call on anyone who can stop him: the members of the Jerusalem city council, the members of the regional committee, the ministers who have representatives on the committee -now is the time to wake up and stop the disgrace before it is too late,” they added.

During the first discussion of the committee that took place about two weeks ago, it was revealed that the Prime Minister was behind the unusual move and that he had decided to try to advance it. The matter was revealed by the Deputy Prime Minister Ronen Peretz, who was appointed by the Prime Minister to handle the issue of the Western Wall.

Peretz spoke about the motive behind the desire to change the building permits, after an attempt was made to present the matter as building for accessibility to the disabled and not as part of a general move. He explicitly said that the desire here is to “propose a solution to the problem of the Women of the Wall” and that “this separation will be carried out through this extension,” meaning the division Western Wall into a region for prayer according to tradition and another area of mixed prayer.

Peretz reiterated that the Prime Minister himself had decided to build the plaza for the Reform movement and that he was pushing for it. “The Prime Minister’s commitment and his instructions are very clear, to accelerate the construction of the prayer area there. Peretz, an attorney, later sent a kind of threat when he said that if the building request was not approved, “If we do not build this expansion, we are subject to the ruling of the Supreme Court.”