Shira Ish-Ran
Shira Ish-Ran Arutz Sheva

Israeli college students who studied with one of the victims of the Hamas terror attack outside of Ofra earlier this month have called on the United Nations to formally condemn the attack, and the resulting death of their fellow student’s newborn son as a result of the shooting.

On December 9th, Hamas terrorists opened fire on a group of Israeli civilians waiting at a bus stop outside of the town of Ofra, north of Jerusalem.

Seven people, including 21-year-old Shira Ish-Ran and her husband, Amichai, were wounded in the drive-by shooting.

Doctors were forced to perform an emergency caesarian section on Shira to deliver her child. Shira was in the 30th week of pregnancy at the time.

While the condition of Shira and her husband improved, their newborn son, Amiad Yisrael, died three days after the attack.

On Friday, students at Orot Israel College in the town of Elkana in Samaria – where Shira Ish-Ran was enrolled – called on the United Nations to condemn the December 9th attack, and to formally condemn the Hamas terror group.

The letter, addressed to United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, noted the UN’s failure earlier this month to pass a resolution condemning Hamas for its terrorist activities.

We the undersigned are students studying for our Bachelor’s in Education, at Orot Israel College in Elkana, Samaria.

Last week, our fellow student, Shira, 21 years old- stood alongside her husband Amichai near the entrance to the settlement of Ofra, when accursed terrorists opened fire upon them with the express purpose of murdering them merely because they were Jews.

Shira, who was in the 30th week of her pregnancy, was seriously wounded, and her baby was delivered preterm in an emergency operation. Unfortunately, her wounded baby managed to live for only three short days before returning his soul to his Creator.

During those three days, in which for every moment the baby was struggling for his life, he dangled between life and death. Before he even knew the world, those terrorists cut short his life.

This tiny baby that was not yet born has already passed from this world.

This baby who was waiting in his mother’s womb for the moment he would breathe his first breath was murdered solely because he was a Jew.

Mr. Secretary General, until this very moment we have not yet heard your voice raised in condemnation of those heinous murderers and those who sent them. We have not yet heard your voice of condemnation at the General Assembly, which so frequently rushes to condemn the State of Israel for its deeds.

We, who are friends of Shira- a young woman who was supposed to bring new life to this world and become a first-time mother in ten short weeks, respectfully demand of you to condemn this most awful hate crime.

Ignoring this most dastardly of crimes serves to strengthen the Islamic terror which is striking us and encourages future murderous attack upon innocent civilians.

Those who murder a baby in his mother’s womb must be ostracized and shunned by the entire civilized world. Whoever supports them must know that the entire world stands in opposition to them and condemns them. They must know that they will have neither succor nor support; not in economic issues, not in education, not in any form that they may seek.

It is still not too late. Please Mr. Secretary General, rise up and condemn this murder in a loud and unequivocal voice. Convene the General Assembly, convene the Security Council, and declare that whosoever murders babies is not a human being and has no place in our civilized world.

We are awaiting your response, and even more importantly we are awaiting your actions. It is not too late.