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Is Roman Zadorov a victim of the left-wing feminist mafia that has ruled the State Prosecutor's Office for decades?

This is an angle worth weighing, especially after the article that was broadcast at Ulpan Shishi about two weeks ago that aroused harsh reaction from veteran journalists (such as Erez Rotem and Itai Nevo). This article was commissioned by the radical faction that controls the State Prosecutor's Office, presenting the new evidence in the Tair Rada affair as meaningless, and at the same time dismissing Rafi Rotem's testimony against Ruth David.

For her critics, including the present writer, Ruth David is the embodiment of the corrupt feminist lawyer. In the past, she has publicly expressed herself in a manner that disparages rights of men, and all her conduct screams "there shall be no others before me". The fact that she was released shortly after her arrest on the serious suspicions against her, and since then even managed to travel abroad, attests to her strength even after the Ruth David/Ronel Fisher explosion.

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Now the next question arises: It is well known that feminists find it of utmost importance to connect the word "violence" in the public consciousness with the word "men" and to leave women in the status of "victims".

But imagine that in a particularly shocking case of a girl's murder, there is a suspicion that the murderer is actually a murderess? Won't the feminist narrative be harmed? Wouldn't it be particularly important, for the feminist prosecutor's office, to impose this case on a man, if only a way can be found to do so?

These suspicions are not new, but the article at Ulpan Shishi has expanded the public's crisis of confidence - including veteran journalists - with the State Prosecutor's Office, and for some reason has also dealt with Tair Rada and Ruth David, raising the suspicion that those behind it have interests regarding both cases. Therefore, it's a good time to release these suspicions into the air. You may encounter less resistance and more attention.

The writer is father of two and head of the Family Movement in Israel.

Translated by Mordechai Sones

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