Airstrike in Syria (archive)
Airstrike in Syria (archive) Reuters

Several leaders of the Hezbollah terrorist group were targeted in Tuesday night’s airstrike on the Syrian capital of Damascus, which Syrian media blamed on Israel, Newsweek reports.

The information was given to Newsweek from a Department of Defense source with access to the information. The airstrike was conducted minutes after the leaders boarded a plane bound for Iran, according to the report.

Several Iranian ammunition supply points were also a target of the bombing, the source said. The supply points contained valuable, GPS-guided ammunition from 2017, some of the best available to the Iranian army and Hezbollah.

Israel has not confirmed or denied that it is behind the airstrike.

The IDF stated on Tuesday night that an Israeli anti-missile system was operated against an anti-aircraft missile launched from Syria.

In late November, Syria accused Israel of carrying out air strikes on Kisweh, south of Damascus. The air strikes reportedly targeted warehouses and headquarters of the Iranian militias in the area.

Israel did not comment on those reports either.

On Monday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu address the attacks in Syria and Israel's military situation, saying, "Israel is ranked eighth in the world. That is unbelievable. This happens because we are systematically developing the strength of the IDF and the strength of the security bodies - the Mossad and the Shin Bet.”

"We are continuing with a firm hand to prevent Iran's military buildup in Syria. We are about to complete the dismantling of the tunnels in which Hezbollah has invested so much, just as we are about to end the disarming of tunnels in which Hamas has invested so much," Netanyahu said.

"The IDF is prepared for every scenario, and I take this opportunity to salute the commanders and IDF soldiers who guard us 24 hours a day and 365 days a year."