Moskowitz Prize for Zionism
Moskowitz Prize for Zionism Public Relations

The Moskowitz Prize for Zionism is to be given this year at a special event that will take place at the International Convention Center (Binyanei Ha'uma) in Jerusalem.

The Moskowitz Prize was established by Dr. Irving z”l and Cherna Moskowitz as an expression of support for people who put Zionism into action in today’s Israeli society, acting for the benefit of the common good in order to ensure the strength and resilience of the national Jewish homeland.

The prize committee selects winners for two awards.

The "Lion of Zion" award is for Israeli citizens, residents of Israel, who best personify modern Zionism in Israel in their actions addressing the challenges that face Zionism today – in spheres such as education, research, settlement, culture, defense and security. Past winners include Moshe "Moshko" Moshkowitz, Rabbi David Fendel, Noam Arnon, Ronit Shuker, MK Yehuda Glick, Rav Chanan Porat, and Yoel Zilberman.

The "Spirit of Zion" award is given to young Israelis with new initiatives, creative citizens who have what it takes to make a difference for the Zionist dream to continue as a vibrant reality today. Past winners include Gili Cohen, CEO of Fighters for Life; Sara Haetzni-Cohen, head of Yisraeli Sheli; Amotz Eyal of the TPS news site.

"One of the traits shared by the Moskowitz Prize winners, and many of the candidates, is that each does not see themselves as an extraordinary person. Not as a hero, but as one who simply fulfills their duty, as an Israeli, to make Israel a better place – a safer, more just place, and at the end of the day – a more Zionist home," the prize committee says.

Nominations for award candidates can be submitted through the Moskowitz Prize website.