C-130J Hercules 'Shimshon'
C-130J Hercules 'Shimshon' Diego Mitelberg

On Sunday, a ceremony was held at the Nevatim Airbase to mark the arrival of the seventh “Shimshon”, C-130J Super Hercules military aircraft, that had landed on Friday, December 21st.

The ceremony was headed by the Commanding General of the Nevatim Airbase, Brig. Gen. Eyal Greenboim and Lt. H., Commanding Officer of the 103rd Squadron. The aircraft will be the latest in the squadron.

The “Shimshon” aircraft, made by the American Lockheed Martin, first arrived in Israel in 2014 and joined the heavy airlift array, which frequently operates in cooperation with Israel’s infantry and ground units.

The aircraft improves the capabilities of the IAF and the heavy airlift array.

Besides its military use, the Hercules is also used to fight wildfires.