At least 222 people were killed and nearly 850 reported injured after a tsunami slammed into the Sunda Strait in Indonesia.

On Saturday night, a massive tsunami hit the coast of the Sunda Strait, which lies between the islands of Java and Sumatra.

The tsunami hit at approximately 9:20 local time Saturday night, and was apparently caused by the massive eruption of the Anak Krakatoa volcano, triggering underwater landslides.

Indonesian authorities raised the number of confirmed deaths in the disaster to 222 on Sunday, with another 843 people reportedly injured. In addition, dozens of people are said to be missing, with local authorities saying they expect the death toll to continue to rise.

Locals on the coast of the Sunda Strait received no early warning of the incoming tsunami, which ravaged coastal communities, and even hit a concert put on by the Indonesian group ‘Seventeen’.

Footage of the concert, which was being held at the Tanjung Lesung Resort for hundreds of employees of the state electricity utility Perusahaan Listrik Negara, shows a massive wave smashing through the stage, drowning band members and concert-goers. One member of the band was killed along with a road manager, while four other members of the band are listed as missing.

Hundreds of buildings were damaged or destroyed in the tsunami, including roughly 560 private homes and 9 hotels.

In September, more than 2,000 people were killed when a powerful earthquake struck just off the central island of Sulawesi, setting off a tsunami that engulfed the coastal city of Palu.