Rabbi Stern in Machane Yehuda
Rabbi Stern in Machane Yehudanone

On Friday afternoon close to the Sabbath, Jerusalem Chief Rabbi Aryeh Stern visited the Mahaneh Yehuda market to observe the closing stands just before Shabbat.

The rabbi told merchants that "thanks to Sabbath observance their livelihood will be extensive."

The tour was accompanied by City Council member Rabbi Avraham Cohen Arazi, Mahane Yehuda region Kashrut Supervisor Rabbi Yohanan Weizman, and Rabbi Yigal Shabtai.

Rabbi Stern visits every few weeks on Shabbat eve to observe Sabbath observance maintainance mainly in businesses that have Jerusalem Chief Rabbinate kashrut certification, such as closing shops on time on the Sabbath eve, and keeping the Sabbath on Friday night.

During the tour many residents came to be blessed by the Rabbi of Jerusalem.