Aftermath of tsunami in Indonesia
Aftermath of tsunami in Indonesia Reuters

At least 62 people were killed on Saturday night after a tsunami hit the coast around Indonesia's Sunda Strait, government officials said.

The country's disaster management agency said at least 584 people were injured in the tsunami, 20 are missing, and dozens of buildings were damaged.

The possible cause of the tsunami were undersea landslides after the Krakatoa volcano erupted.

The Sunda Strait between the islands of Java and Sumatra connects the Java Sea to the Indian Ocean.

Footage posted by the head of the disaster management agency showed the aftermath of the tsunami, with flooded streets and an overturned car.

In September, more than 2,000 people were killed when a powerful earthquake struck just off the central island of Sulawesi, setting off a tsunami that engulfed the coastal city of Palu.

Indonesia is prone to earthquakes because it lies on the Ring of Fire, the line of frequent quakes and volcanic eruptions that circles virtually the entire Pacific rim.