The Southern District Prosecutor's Office filed an indictment against a 28-year-old Jordanian terrorist who tried to murder Israelis in Eilat last month.

Two Israelis who were injured in the attack, which took place at the end of November at the Eilat Port. Taher Halef was arrested by the police, and after suspicion arose that the attack was nationalistically motivated, he was transferred for interrogation by the Shin Bet.

According to the indictment, Halef intended "to murder Israelis and Jews due to his identification with the Palestinian people, for Palestine and God, and as revenge for the occupation, with the intention of harming state security".

On November 29, the day before the attack in Eilat, Halef asked his family to videotape him reading a will to his family. He was photographed in the hotel room in the Jordanian city Aqaba bordering Eilat and asked his parents to protect his wife and children.

Halef also praised Jihad and recited a passage from the Koran which said "Do not think of someone who died for the sake of the dead, but lives and breathes with God",

Investigations of the attack revealed that as part of the renovation work at the dock in the port of Eilat, divers were recruited to perform underwater work. The divers, who worked with the Jordanian workers, asked the attacker to bring them equipment from a storage shed. The terrorist returned with a hammer, however, and began to assault the assembled laborers.

One of the wounded in the assault later recounted the attack to Haaretz. "Suddenly I was hit three times on the head with a hammer," 24-year-old Tamir Gross, who had been working on the platform with his co-workers, recalled from his bed at the Soroka Hospital in Be’er Sheva.

"I fell into the water and immediately afterwards, the guy jumped into the water and started to swim after me. I did not see anything, I saw black, I fell and then I understood what was going on. I continued to flee the scene and began to swim. I realized that I was bleeding,” he continued.

“From there I just got on the ladder and wandered down the quayside. One of the Jordanian workers helped me. They took me and my friend to a clinic, and then the police arrived,” he said.