Netanel Felber
Netanel FelberFelber family

The parents of the soldier seriously wounded during the shooting attack in Givat Assaf last week ask the public to pray for their son.

Netanel Felber was the third soldier in the shooting that killed Yosef Cohen and Yuval Mor Yosef and has been fighting for his life ever since.

Felber's parents described Netanel as "a happy young man, with a huge heart, who for four consecutive years, every Shabbat, went to a nursing home to pray and visit the elderly residents."

"Always helping everyone, always and doing good. Now it is our turn to try for him," said the Felbers. "So this coming Shabbat everyone will pray for Natanel, son of Shyna Zipporah. May God grant him a full recovery."

IDF Sergeant Yuval Mor-Yosef and Corporal Yosef Cohen were murdered by Arab terrorists in a shooting attack next to Givat Assaf, north of Jerusalem. Felber and another resident of Bet El were injured as well in the assault.

An investigation revealed that the terrorist arrived at a hitchhiking post at Givat Assaf with his vehicle before stepping out and opening fire at those assembled there. The two soldiers were killed immediately by the gunfire at point blank range while the other soldier and Sabag were injured.

The terrorist then fled towards Ramallah, where he abandoned his vehicle. The IDF and Shin Bet have launched a massive manhunt after the terrorists and are conducting searches in a number of villages.