The Salaheddin Islamic Centre in Scarborough, Ontario has invited an anti-Semitic speaker with a history of calling for the killing of Jews to speak at its annual winter conference, according to the American Center for Democracy and Economic Warfare (ACD). The information was exposed by ACD's founder and president Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, an expert on international terrorism.

Tawfeeq As-Sayegh, an Imam from Saudi Arabia, will speak at the conference which will be held from December 24-25.

In response JDL Canada has called for an emergency meeting to discuss what the defined as "the Jewish leaderships silence on calls to kill Jews". The gathering will take place this Sunday at the "Toronto Zionist Center".

In their offical invite to the event, JDL Canada wrote: "As the Jewish establishment is paralyzed, and the so-called “Anti-Hate network” fails to condemn extreme expressions of hate towards Jews, we will take action by mobilizing Canadians to protest against the hate and the impotence of those purported to fight antisemitism".

In her publication on the ACD website, Dr. Ehrenfeld presents numerous quotes by As-Sayegh to emphasize his agenda and message.

In 2009, As-Sayegh gave a sermon in which he stated: "This [killing] is the solution for the Jews. Only killing them is the solution and exterminating them from the face of the earth in accordance to Hitler’s philosophy in case it was real."

In 2010, during a devastating forest fire in northern Israel. he stated: “For the second day in a row, the firefighters fail to control the biggest fire in Israel. O Lord, O the One whose soldiers don’t know anyone but Him, O Allah, show us the wonders of Your Might, Your tremendous power and your great strike against the usurper Jews. O Allah, they [the Jews] unjustly treated our brothers in Palestine, usurped their land and besieged them. O Allah, besiege them with fire which they have no power to against it. You are powerful and strong.”

In 2011, he stated: "O [the nation of] Zion [Jews], Leave alone the prophets, you are not belong to them [the prophets are not Jewish]. [O the nation of Zion – Jews] follow the pack of the dogs lead by a dog.”

In 2014, he stated after viewing a picture of the Temple Mount on a rainy day: "[The City of] Al-Quds [Jerusalem] when the filth [abomination] of the Jews is being washed with with purified water, when it [Al-Quds/ Jerusalem] is being washed from ritual impurity of the Jews.”

He has also released prayers and poems for the killing of all Jews in Israel as well as the Jewish State's supporters.

In January, 2009, As-Sayegh wote a prayer calling for the destruction of Jews. "O Allah, take action against the Jews and their Christian supporters", As-Sayegh wrote, "Destroy their houses on them, Destroy their [military] machines, Blow their planes, Drown their ships...Destroy their entity, Feed the birds from their bodies".

In 2014, he released a prayer calling for the slaughter of every Jew in the State of Israel and wrote: "Slay them one by one... Tear them into pieces, and spare not one of them"