Israeli forces on border with Lebanon during anti-tunnel operation
Israeli forces on border with Lebanon during anti-tunnel operation REUTERS

Israeli security forces began demolishing four cross-border tunnels Thursday along the Israeli-Lebanese frontier, as part of the ongoing Operation Northern Shield.

Earlier this month, the IDF launched Operation Northern Shield to locate and neutralize terror tunnels built from southern Lebanon into Israeli territory by the Lebanese-based terrorist organization Hezbollah.

Since the beginning of the operation, four such tunnels have been discovered.

According to a report Thursday by Channel 2 News, Israeli forces are using alternative methods to demolish the tunnels, without the need for explosives.

Earlier on Thursday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu hinted at “developments” in Operation Northern Shield, during his meeting with leaders from Greece and Cyprus.

"A few weeks ago, Israel launched a campaign to expose and neutralize cross-border terror tunnels on our northern border with Lebanon," said Netanyahu. "These tunnels were built by Hezbollah with direct support and funding from Iran. This is the Iranian web of aggression in the Middle East, which also terrorizes Europe and the entire world."

“Israel continues its operation against... terror tunnels, and will do so until its completion,” Netanyahu continued, adding “As we speak, we are employing ‘means’ to neutralize these tunnels.”

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke at a press conference ahead of the United Nations Security Council meeting on the Hezbollah terror tunnels, and urged the UN monitoring force in southern Lebanon, UNIFIL, to take action against the tunnels.

“What has to be done now is have UNIFIL do something serious. We await to see that.”

Later on Wednesday, the IDF revealed details regarding the fourth tunnel discovered along the border.