Shmuel Ben Simon
Shmuel Ben Simon Hezki Baruch

Shmuel Ben Simon, a yeshiva student from Be'er Ya'akov, told Arutz Sheva about the attack he experienced two months ago at the hands of Arabs in Ramle.

"After personal arrangements in Ramle, I wanted to return to yeshiva in Be'er Ya'akov and I was standing on Herzl Street in the city. Suddenly a new BMW stopped with four Arab youths inside," noted Ben Simon.

"A young Arab got out of the car and hit me with two punches to the face and head. The youths swore at me and ran away," he said. “I ran from there to a side street and called an ambulance which arrived together with police.”

"I got medical treatment at Assaf Harofeh where I was told that I had a real concussion and that my eye was saved by a miracle. In recent weeks I have been recovering, but I still have a concussion and pain in my head, and I filed a complaint with the police after the discharge from the hospital. I was called for interrogation, and until now, unfortunately, police have not caught the attackers.’

"I turned to the Honenu organization that has been helping me in recent weeks, and with their help, the police issued a permit for me because of a nationalist attack. I feel that G-d made me a miracle and that I was saved from a terrorist attack," added Ben Simon.

Attorney Haim Bleicher of Honenu said, "This is an assault with a racist and nationalist background. Such events do not come in a vacuum, but as part of the incitement and abandonment of the security of the Jewish public by the Arab enemy, some of whose soldiers are Israeli citizens and carry out their activities in the cities of the center. In light of this, police are expected to act with all their might and with all means against these terrorists, and not be satisfied with superficial interrogation."

Ben Simon after the attack (Screenshot)

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