Danon Flash 90

On Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council held a special session to discuss Hezbollah's violation of Resolution 1701. The discussion took place at the request of Israel and the United States following the diplomatic efforts of Israel's ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, after the beginning of Operation Defensive Shield.

Ambassador Danon revealed to the Security Council members an aerial photograph of a "private compound" in the southern part of Kfar Kila about 80 meters from the Blue Line, from which an attack tunnel crossed the border into Israel, passing close to a UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) observation post.

Danon said that "Israel gave UNIFIL precise information about the location of the tunnel, but UNIFIL told the Lebanese army, which then was stopped when it tried to reach the area. This enabled Hezbollah to continue with concealing the tunnel's operations."

"Lebanese army officials are working for Hezbollah, while UNIFIL is not working ot fulfill its mandate in the region in the necessary manner," added the ambassador.

Ambassador Danon revealed an additional aerial photograph of the Lebanese town of Kfar Kila, in which he showed documentation of Hezbollah's terrorist infrastructure, including two tunnels that penetrated the border into Israel, along with observation posts and information gathering and weapons storage areas.

Ambassador Danon said: "Hezbollah has built a terror base in the region against Israel, and inside a civilian population. This not only clearly violates Resolution 1701, but also uses Lebanese civilians as human shields. If Hezbollah dares to attack Israel, it will be buried in the rubble of Lebanon."