Beit Haggai Youth Village opens its gates and its heart to deprived youth from all over Israel who are unable to remain at their parents’ homes for a variety of reasons. These at-risk youngsters have no family environment in which to thrive. Most come from religious backgrounds.

Beit Haggai Youth Village, established 30 years ago, is located in Beit Haggai, 10 km. (6 mi.) south of Hebron. The village operates according to a unique Family Model: Specially-trained couples with children each take in about ten youngsters aged 13-18, living under one roof as a family in a spacious home. The parents serve as role models and with their warmth, love and the surrounding professional infrastructure, they succeed in rehabilitating these young men and reintegrating them into Israeli society.

At the Village, they learn to get along with other youngsters, under the supervision of their “adoptive” couple. The school they attend has an advanced curriculum and atmosphere tailored to their needs, providing all necessary physical and emotional support. The couples make sure to provide the youngsters with a healthy, normative family environment, including family dinners, homework supervision, provision of clothing, regular medical care, social services and social and recreational activities.

During the 30 years since Beit Haggai Youth Village was founded, hundreds of graduates have gone on to preparatory programs for higher education, enlisted in the IDF, integrated into Israeli society and established outstanding families.

But to continue our successful endeavors, we need you!

We want to provide all our students with family housing in permanent structures rather than temporary quarters. Over the coming 48 hours, a mass fund-raising campaign will be conducted to enable the construction of an additional Family Unit.

We feel it is most important to respond to these youngsters’ special needs by providing them with a completely homelike atmosphere. Those who have never experienced stability and security in their lives will finally be able to acquire a sense of permanence, strength and protection.

Please help us build a new home for them.

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