Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke at a press conference Thursday afternoon, addressing the recent discovery of terror tunnels built by Hezbollah along the Israel-Lebanon border.

Netanyahu spoke ahead of a planned United Nations Security Council meeting on the issue Wednesday, calling for concrete steps to be taken by the UN’s border monitoring force, UNIFIL, to dismantle the tunnels.

During his address, Netanyahu rejected suggestions by Hezbollah that the cross-border tunnels were for ‘self-defense’, saying they were intended for terror attacks and an effort to ‘conquer’ part of northern Israel.

The tunnels, said Netanyahu, were to have been used to “penetrate our territory, kidnap our people, including our civilians, murder civilians, and conquer a northern piece of the Galilee. This is not just an act of aggression, but an act of war.”

“This is not a right of self-defense, this is part of a propagation of aggression towards the annihilation of Israel and the conquest of its territory, declared by Hezbollah.”

“Hezbollah is a tool of Iran. Both are committed to our destruction.”

“They commit war crimes against our civilians, and against Lebanon’s civilians.”

Netanyahu lambasted the Lebanese military for ignoring – and at times aiding – Hezbollah’s efforts in southern Lebanon, and urged the UN mission in southern Lebanon to take action.

“What has to be done now is have UNIFIL do something serious. We await to see that.”