Demolition of Barkan terrorist's home
Demolition of Barkan terrorist's homeReuters

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu recently met with the family of Ziv Hajbi, who was murdered in the shooting attack in the Barkan industrial zone about three months ago.

On Tuesday evening, Kan 11 News reported that during the meeting between Netanyahu and the family members, they expressed anger over the fact that the home of the terrorist in the village of Shweika was only partially demolished.

In response, Netanyahu told the family that he agreed with them and recommended that they petition the Supreme Court and demand that the home be completely demolished.

"You can submit a petition to the Supreme Court to demolish the entire house," the prime minister reportedly told the family. "It can make the only difference if the home is to be completely demolished. Go to the Supreme Court, you have nothing to lose. "

At the same time, Netanyahu made it clear to the family that he cannot legally intervene in the matter.

In addition to the issue of the demolition of the home, the family expressed anger at Netanyahu over the transfer of funds to the families of the terrorists. The prime minister responded by saying that at a cabinet meeting on Sunday, the option was brought up that lien would be put against the accounts of families of terrorists, and that the matter was being looked into.

Sources in the Prime Minister's Office who were present at the meeting with members of the Hajbi family responded to the report and told Kan News that it was the family who brought up the idea of ​​appealing to the Supreme Court to demolish the terrorist's home. According to the sources, the prime minister told the family that it was their right to take such action.

Regarding the issue of putting a lien against the accounts of families of terrorists, the sources chose not to comment.