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Late Sunday, the Ministerial Committee for Legislation gave its backing for a bill which would allow Israel to expel the families of terrorists involved in attacks on Israelis to different areas of Judea and Samaria or Gaza. The bill was promoted by Education Minister Naftali Bennett and MK Motti Yogev, both of the Jewish Home Party.

The bill was adopted by the committee following a week of attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers. On the 9th of December, terrorists fired at civilians waiting at a bus stop, injuring seven including a 30-week pregnant 21-year-old. The baby died three days later. On Thursday, at the Givat Assaf Junction, in another shooting, two soldiers were killed, a civilian was wounded, and another soldier wounded. The next day a short distance from the second attack, a terrorist attempted to infiltrate the Jewish town of Beit El, wounding the soldier who fought him off.

On Monday morning, Chairman of the Jewish House Part Minister Naftali Bennett explained the need of the new law to Ayala Hassan in an interview on 103FM.

“We are a government that must take care and bring back security to the State of Israel. Last week, three people were murdered, including an unborn baby. Last night, I conducted a campaign to pass the law to expel the families of terrorists and I will continue to fight for the lives of Israelis,” Bennett said.

The minister made clear that although he respects Attorney General Avichai Mandeblit, he cannot accept his rejection of the bill.

"We need to change the incentives of the terrorists. It pays to be a terrorist today."

“We are up against lone terrorists that don’t have a singular base. We need to reverse the acts of terrorism, so it will not be worthwhile.”

Hassan asked, “If someone is ready to lose his life and kill others, do you think he will care if you destroy his wall?” referring to the demolition of terrorists’ homes.

“He very much cares,” Minister Bennett answered. “That is the heart of the debate. The problem is about the same terrorist’s house, that after the house was demolished, it was rebuilt from start. The problem is that we allowed it. The terrorists are usually young people in despair around 20 years old that think that by their actions they will enter the Hall of Fame and there will be arrangements for their parents to live after receiving a large sum of money. If they knew that by their action, they will cause their family misery – I am convinced that they will think twice before caring out their attack. Especially when we know that generally the families have knowledge of the child’s wish to carry out attacks.”

Hassan: the army, the Israeli Security Agency, and the government that you are a minister of do not want to eradicate terrorism?

Bennett: Everyone wants to, but the question is the right way. I’m in the cabinet in order to fight for what I believe in. it reminds me of Operation Defensive Edge when I that there are 30 terror tunnels that need to be destroyed, while the Chief of Staff and Defense Minister said that it wasn’t that bad. They were mistaken.

The Likud published a press release claiming that Minister Bennett began a demonstration against the government, of which he is a member, to order to receive the defense portfolio and clarified: the defense portfolio is above politics and is not a work arrangement or a job.


I suggest that the Likud do a thorough investigation. Almost all Likud ministers and all of us [Jewish House Party] were in the same demonstration. Three Israelis were murdered a few days ago, there is a fourth soldier that is hanging to his life as of now because of the attack. I am not ready to stand helpless against terror. I will continue to fight even if the Likud will call me shameful names. I struggle to change the government policy to save a human life while security officials claim that demolishing terrorists’ homes and deporting their families is not a deterrent. I must note that I did not succeed to understand their stance. Many times, I succeeded in see the differences. I hope that this time too I’ll succeed.”

Bennett also reacted to breach in the fence to Beit El from where the terrorists in the last attack went out through. Bennett also reacted to the cooling effect created by the surplus of legalization in the IDF.

Bennett said, “when you know that you will be going to the High Court, in the end you do things differently than what common sense tells you. They created a wall but left an opening in in an unreasonable order. Every system in the State of Israel has a cooling effect. Even on the subject of the appointment of the police commissioner, we see that many people do not want to run for office because they fear of messing up with the High Court of Justice. In the end we will all pay the price.”

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