Corbyn at London protest
Corbyn at London protestReuters

A Labour Party official has been suspended over anti-Semitic social media comments accusing Jews of orchestrating world conflicts and promoting 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Mohammed Yasin, the regional organizer for Labour in the West Midlands, was suspended by party officials over the weekend after anti-Semitic comments by Yasin on social media were brought to light, the London-based Jewish Chronicle reported on Sunday.

In February 2016, Yasin tweeted that “Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world,” accompanied by a picture of two people laughing, with the caption “When someone tells me its not the Jews”.

In addition, Yasin had shared a video accusing the Rothschilds of being the world’s “most wicked and wealthiest family,” and a cartoon accusing Israel of committing genocide against Palestinian Arabs. Yasin also claimed that the 9/11 terror attacks were hoax created by Western leaders.

In another post, Yasin wrote "US imperialism needs Israel to keep the masses permanently at war."

According to a report by TheSunday Times, Yasin is the first active staff member in the party to be implicated in an anti-Semitism scandal, though numerous other Labour members and officials have been accused in the past.

Yasin told The Sunday Times that he was “not aware” of whether or not he had posted the comments which appeared on his account.