Bus hit by Hamas anti-tank fire
Bus hit by Hamas anti-tank fireHamas television footage

This week, the army concluded its operational investigation into a Hamas attack on an IDF bus last month, an army spokesperson said.

On November 12th, Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip fired an anti-tank missile at the bus, injuring one IDF soldier.

The attack occurred during the largest escalation between Israel and the Gaza-based terror group since 2014.

Following the attack, army investigators probed the circumstances surrounding the incident, including how the bus had been allowed to travel so close to the Gaza border in the midst of Hamas attacks on Israel.

According to an IDF spokesperson, the bus’ entry into a dangerous border area was the result of “operational gaps” in the conduct of Israeli security forces in the field in asserting control over and isolating areas along the front between Israel and Gaza.

“The lessons were learned from the incident and have been implemented,” the spokesperson said. “Following the investigation, the Gaza Division formulated an updated plan to isolate the division's space in an emergency that will be fully practiced in the coming weeks.”

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