Livni and Michaeli
Livni and MichaeliFlash 90

Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee members who toured the Binyamin region today following the recent terror attacks met with IDF Central Regional Commander Nadav Padan.

The meeting was attended by two Zionist Union members of the committee MK Merav Michaeli and MK Tzipi Livni, who asked the general about how the IDF deals with terror of the "extreme right".

In response, Padan explained to the Knesset Members that the IDF concentrates primarily on capturing the terrorists who carried out attacks and thwarting terrorist attacks.

Major General Padan also emphasized that most of the Jewish population is law-abiding and normative and that those who carry out vandalism are very small margins.

During the tour members of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee visited, among other places, the hitchhiking station at Ofra and the Givat Assaf junction where shooting attacks took place last week.