Anti-draft demonstration, Bnei Brak
Anti-draft demonstration, Bnei Brak Flash 90

Senior Likud officials were quoted this morning as saying that in light of the deep differences between the haredi factions surrounding the Draft Law, it is almost impossible to approve it in the coming weeks.

"There's little chance of a second and third reading of the Draft Law," officials were quoted as saying on Reshet Bet. "In the situation that's been created, it's impossible to bridge the gaps and reach agreements on the issue, and in fact no talks are held between the parties to reach agreements on the provisions of the law."

Last week it was reported that Finance Committee Chairman MK Gafni is pressuring Prime Minister Netanyahu to enact the Draft Law as soon as possible.

According to a Kann report, during a meeting of party leaders last week Gafni pressed the Prime Minister and made clear to him that "if the Draft Law isn't approved, he'll have to resign from the government."

On the other hand, Agudat Yisrael is sending out contradictory messages according to which if the law passes as it is, there is a reasonable chance they will resign from the government.

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court announced it was granting the government a month-and-a-half extension, until January 15, to draft a new Draft Law after the previous postponement period ended.

Anti-draft protest, Jerusalem
Flash 90
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