UNIFIL patrols border in southern village Adaisseh
UNIFIL patrols border in southern village Adaisseh Reuters

A former French government minister and member of the French Foreign Affairs Committee said UNIFIL and the Lebanese army are afraid of Hezbollah on a Good Morning Israel interview with Maya Rachlin.

Former minister French Republican Party member Claude Goasguen was sent by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French Parliament to prepare a strategic assessment of the Middle East.

In recent weeks he has visited Lebanon and Mosul, and this week he will meet with King Salman in Saudi Arabia. On the way he stopped to scrutinize the Hezbollah terror tunnels crossing Israel's norther border.

In a special interview with foreign affairs correspondent Maya Raklin he said: "The tunnels dug by Hezbollah are a complete violation of UN 1701. The situation in the area is severe. We almost deteriorated to war on the northern border."

Claude Goasguen
Claude Goasguen Reuters

The French Foreign Affairs Committee member criticized UNIFIL forces in the area, stating "they saw the construction of the tunnels and did nothing, although they had all the means."

He later declared he would promote French government pressure on Iran to halt hostile activity in Lebanon.

"France hasn't joined American sanctions against Iran because of relatively good relations with Tehran, but this is a temporary decision."

When asked about last week's Strasbourg attack and the recent wave of murder attacks in Israel, he said: "We're talking about the same terrorists in Europe and in Israel. You have a lot of experience and we need to learn from your experience."

Goasguen also referred to Israeli media coverage of his country: "Unfortunately, the information is not accurately reflected in the media, and it's uncertain whether this week, too, all the information was conveyed in France, but I hope that the countries will cooperate and strengthen each other."

Claude Goasguen on his trip to the northern border of Israel (French):

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