Hananel Dorani
Hananel DoraniMiri Tzahi

Yesha Council chairman Hananel Dorani spoke on Thursday evening at a protest against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at Jerusalem's Paris Square in response to the series of terrorist attacks this week.

“We send from here wishes of a speedy recovery to the wounded. But how much longer will we embrace bereaved families? How much longer will we send wishes of speedy recovery to the wounded from terrorist attacks? Enough with terrorism. Jewish blood must not be spilled. Jewish blood is not cheap.”

“Mr. Prime Minister, as a member of a bereaved family who lost his brother in the fight against terrorism far from the borders of the country, you know how to fight terror – and the time has come for you to do it.”

“This afternoon, a number of mayors and the leadership of the Yesha Council got together and from there we call upon you, Mr. Prime Minister - freedom of movement cannot be freedom for terror.”

“The time has come to bring back the checkpoints. The time has come to go back and smash the terrorists' heads. The time has come to return to targeted assassinations. To stop the transfer of funds to terrorists, their families and to the terrorist Abu Mazen. It is time to stop the circus of the demolition of small rooms belonging to terrorists. The homes of the families and those who supported them must be demolished as well. They grew up in a terror-supporting bed and everyone's houses must be demolished.”

“We must provide the appropriate Zionist response that the people of Israel have known to provide for years - Build. Build. Build.”

“Establish communities and cities. Because this is the answer to terrorism. They think that they will drive us out of here through terrorism - we will show them that not only will we not leave here, we will deepen our roots. Expand, build. There will be millions of residents of Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley one day.”

“And until then, already today, the time has come for sovereignty. And when sovereignty is applied and when we build large communities and cities in Judea and Samaria and we fight terrorism with a heavy hand, then the people of Israel will live.”

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