Haim Silberstein, the father of Shira Ish-Ran who was shot near Ofra this past week, spoke at a rally in Jerusalem on Thursday evening against the deteriorating security situation.

"I came here tonight to be part of this protest and to tell the Israeli government, which is a good government, to return Israel's deterrence in its fight against terrorism, against these evildoers who want to uproot us from this country," Silberstein told Arutz Sheva.

Pointing to the gruesome shooting attack in Givat Assaf Thursday that killed two soldiers, Silberstein said that "unfortunately, we saw more evidence of the weakness of the security approach of 'our good government'".

"We demand that we improve our security, restore our deterrence, respond with a heavy hand, and take off our gloves so that the people of Israel who live in our natural and holiest country can live in security and travel on the roads like any other citizen in the entire country," Silberstein added.

Silberstein also spoke about his daughter Shira, whose firstborn son tragically died four days after he was delivered prematurely following the Ofra attack on Sunday.

"Fortunately, her condition is improving -- Shira has moved from the intensive care unit to the regular ward, and Amichai her husband as well. His condition improves every day and soon they will be reunited in the same room and continue with rehabilitation and recovery," he said.

Shira Ish-Ran, 21, was shot and seriously wounded Sunday night during a drive-by shooting attack by a gang of Arab terrorists, who opened fire on Israeli civilians at a bus stop outside of the Israeli town of Ofra, north of Jerusalem.

Ish-Ran, her husband, and five other people were wounded in the attack.

After being rushed in critical condition to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, doctors operated on Shira to treat her wounds, and also performed an emergency caesarian section to deliver her child, who was in the 30th week of the pregnancy. Despite intensive efforts by doctors, their child, who they named Amiad Yisrael, passed away four days later.