Ofra attack scene
Ofra attack sceneInbal Reuveni/TPS

Members of the Ofra secretariat recruited ministers and Knesset members from all coalition factions to sign a demand for the immediate normalization in status of the Samaria town of Ofra.

The demand comes as the result of the shooting attack on Sunday at Ofra Junction where baby Amiad Yisrael was murdered and seven other people were wounded, among them his parents Shira and Amichai Ran.

The demand was signed by ministers and MKs from the Likud, Jewish Home, Shas, United Torah Judaism, and Yisrael Beytenu, and the municipality's secretariat intends to recruit more Knesset members in the coming day.

In their call, the ministers and Knesset Members note that "Normalizing Ofra, the first of the settlements in Samaria, built by the governments of Israel on the Left and Right after 43 years of existence, is a necessary step in the State's obligation towards its citizens to allow them normal and equal rights. It is also a necessary step against Palestinian terrorism.

"Normalizing Ofra is a step that will ensure terror does not weaken our grip on Israel, but strengthens it, a step that will strengthen deterrence and make it clear to the terrorists and their proxies that the more they focus on murder, death, and destruction, the more we focus on life, building, and settlement," the demand reads.