Tzvi Fishman
Tzvi FishmanINN: TF

Tzvi Fishman had achieved the American dream: he had made it in Hollywood as a successful screenwriter, had a beautiful beachfront home, a spiffy sports car, and more money than he knew what to do with.

But he felt empty. He sold another script for more money and bought a nicer car, but it didn't help.

And somehow he kept getting reminded that he was Jewish. From the "Heil Hitler" he heard on European soil to the "change your name to something less Jewish" he heard from his book publisher, Tzvi's roots kept returning to haunt him.

But it was his illness that pushed him to search for a life with more meaning. In his California environment, spirituality and alternative solutions were a dime a dozen but nothing helped him.

Tune in to follow Tzvi's journey to tefillin, to a prayer in the hospital, to a unexplained and miraculous cure, to Sukkot in New York City, to organizing IDF volunteers, to Aliyah and then to full Jewish study and practice.

Tzvi Fishman is still writing books and making films. His latest film is called "Stories of Rabbi Nachman," and it's a family friendly introspective yet entertaining film soon to be released.

Tune in to be inspired by one man's journey from the glitter of Hollywood to the gold of a fulfilling life of Torah in Israel.