Several hundred people are taking part this evening, Wednesday, in the funeral of the baby of Shira and Amichai Ish-Ran, who was born after the attack at the Ofra junction and whose death was confirmed today.

Rabbi Raphael Ish-Ran, the grandfather of the baby, eulogized him and also announced his name.

"It is written in Halakha that a name must be given to the baby, so your parents have given a name, which is of great significance and symbolizes everything - Amiad Yisrael, our people is here forever. The people of Israel is here forever."

"Our message is clear - we will not break, we cry and it hurts us, but we are strong," said Rabbi Ish-Ran.

The second grandfather, Haim Silberstein, added, "Amichai and Shira, our beloved children, are now lying wounded in Shaare Zedek Medical Center. When we were informed of the pregnancy, what joy, the first great-grandchild - the seventh month and the excitement is increasing. Lighting the eighth candle of Hanukkah happily, traveling home and innocently waiting at the Ofra station.”

"And then a bunch of bullets cut off the happiness, the expectation and the dreams. It was an open miracle that the lives of Shira and Amichai were saved, and unfortunately, after a struggle, the baby passed away. A cruel and low enemy aimed his weapon at a pregnant woman because he wanted to uproot us from our land," the grandfather added.

"You will never succeed. We are stronger than you, we are righter than you, we belong here more than you, we will defeat you. This is our land, our people and our holy Torah. Amichai and Shira, our hearts are torn with grief over the pain and loss. But your young son Amiad Yisrael, our delicate grandson, may Hashem avenge his blood, already did much before completing four days. He united the people of Israel, who rose up in prayers, hugs, love."