Shira and Amichai on their wedding day
Shira and Amichai on their wedding dayphoto used with permission of family

Amichai and Shira Ish-Ran, who were both wounded in a terrorist shooting attack on Sunday, met for the first time since the attack Thursday afternoon.

Shira's father, Chaim Silverstein, said that the family had not yet told her about the critical condition of her baby, who was delivered nearly two months early following the attack. She has asked about the child.

"Shira woke up a few minutes ago and this is the first time they met when she was conscious, they held hands and smiled but could not talk," the father said. "We have no words to describe this joy, even though her condition is still difficult, but her life was saved and we welcome this miracle."

Silverstein added, "The baby's condition has not changed since yesterday. His life is still in danger and he is fighting for it, a small baby who was born prematurely along with a great trauma, and he started his life in a very difficult situation and we pray that he will survive."

"We do not want to let her get too excited," he said. "We consult with psychologists and social workers, and hope that we will know how to deal with this difficult situation."

Liora, Shira's mother, said, "She opened her eyes and tried to talk. It's hard for her to have the tubes, but she calls and asks us to come and hold our hands and cry and smile."