Netanyahu in the north (archive)
Netanyahu in the north (archive) Kobi Gideon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday toured the northern border where Operation Defensive Shield was launched and issued a threat against the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

"There are results here. We have now exposed the third tunnel," Netanyahu said. "But the most impressive thing is the deployment that exists here - both spiritually and materially - for a very strong response if Hezbollah makes a big mistake and decides to hurt us or disrupt our efforts, it will receive a blow that it cannot even imagine."

Earlier, the IDF announced that it had discovered a third attack tunnel dug by the Hezbollah terrorist organization into Israel from Lebanon.

The attack tunnel is under the IDF's control and does not pose an imminent threat, the army stated.

Explosive devices have been placed inside the tunnel by the IDF. Any entrance from the Lebanese side is dangerous. The IDF is currently investigating the attack tunnel.

The IDF stated that it holds the Lebanese Government accountable for the attack tunnels dug from Lebanese territory. "This is another blatant breach of UN Resolution 1701 and of Israeli sovereignty."

IDF troops will continue to operate in accordance with the approved plan to locate and expose the Hezbollah terror organization's attack tunnels.