Sara Netanyahu arrives in Guatemala
Sara Netanyahu arrives in Guatemala Spokesperson

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, arrived in Guatemala on Monday evening after being invited by the Guatemalan president's wife to visit the country as part of an official delegation of the Foreign Ministry.

The President's wife noted in her official invitation that the visit is a historic one that will serve as a signal of friendship between the two countries and the strengthening of their mutual commitment.

As part of the visit, the Prime Minister's wife and the Israeli delegation were invited to participate in official events on drinking water and assistance to victims of natural disaster.

This is in light of the assistance that Israel granted to Guatemala after the volcano eruption disaster six months ago. Other Israeli government assistance is expected to be announced during Sara Netanyahu’s visit, including medical assistance for children.

In addition, the delegation will lay a cornerstone for the reconstruction of a village that was destroyed by the eruption of the Volcan del Fuego volcano.

A diplomatic source said that "the visit of the delegation, of which the Prime Minister's wife will be a part, will be another step in strengthening the special relations between the two countries."