Israeli soldier guards near border with Lebanon
Israeli soldier guards near border with Lebanon Reuters

The Lebanese television channel Al-Manar published photographs of IDF soldiers marking the border between Israel and Lebanon.

The photographs were taken by Hezbollah terrorists during Operation Northern shield to destroy attack tunnels dug by the Iranian-backed terrorist organization. They were taken at close range.

The channel, which is associated with Hezbollah, reported that the Lebanese army had raised the alert level by the border in response to the IDF's actions.

The IDF soldiers had marked the boundary of the "Blue Line," the international border between Israel and Lebanon which is recognized by the United Nations.

Last week, the IDF showed one of the uncovered terror tunnels to the commander of the UNIFIL forces in Lebanon.

The commander of the Northern Command, on behalf of the IDF, expressed his strong protest against the violation of Israeli sovereignty by the Hezbollah terror organization with the aim of harming Israeli civilians, adding that this was yet another proof of the serious violations of the Hezbollah terrorist organization.

UNIFIL was tasked with ensuring the demilitarization of southern Lebanon and the disbanding of non-governmental military forces such as Hezbollah under UN Security Council resolutions 425 and 426. However, Hezbollah has continued to operate and has amassed an arsenal of well over 100,000 rockets under UNIFIL's watch.