Yoav Galant
Yoav Galant Hezki Baruch

Housing and Construction Minister Yoav Galant (Kulanu) on Saturday night discussed the IDF’s activities along the border with Lebanon as part of Operation Northern Shield.

"We must trust the IDF and its strength, we know what to do. It does not mean that we want a war, but if we have one, we will return Lebanon to the Stone Age," he said in an interview on Channel 10.

"The IDF and Israel have fantastic technology and strong operational intelligence capabilities," claimed Galant. "We know Hezbollah's offensive tunnel plan. We discovered a second tunnel today and we'll discover more."

Minister Galant, who called the tunnels a "ticking bomb," described a scenario that has become possible with the existence of the tunnels: "There is a Hezbollah military unit sitting inside Israel waiting to leave the tunnel, and when the light is given for their reasons, we will find it attacking some target. This is something that we cannot accept. Therefore, it was essential to launch the operation. These are tunnels that can penetrate dozens of people [into Israeli territory]."

"We are peeling off one layer in Hezbollah's onion of terrorism - the layer of the tunnels," said the minister, adding, "This is one of the weapons it has recently prepared. We are taking down the tunnels without a price.”

Galant also discussed the resignation of former defense minister Avigdor Liberman and said it was "totally irresponsible."

"The prime minister and the cabinet made the right decision here, which was contrary to Liberman's position, and unfortunately he abandoned the campaign and left, which is something I cannot understand," he said.

Asked about Liberman's comments on the chief of staff, Galant replied, "Assuming that the quotes are accurate, this is an unfortunate statement. I regret it and I hope that Liberman also regrets it."