Adam Milstein, chairman of the Israel-American Council (IAC), spoke to Arutz Sheva at the IAC Conference in Miami.

This year’s IAC conference, which is the fifth annual conference, was the biggest ever, said Milstein.

“We started with 650 people five years ago and we’re at 3,200 strong attendees today. We are the fastest growing organization, not just in America but in the Diaspora,” he added. “I feel like if we didn’t exist, someone should’ve created us.”

IAC’s support for Israel is “completely different” than that of other organizations, continued Milstein.

“When Jewish community organizations say that because they love Israel they can criticize Israel, we say, ‘No. We love Israel unconditionally. We support and love Israel with no preconditions’. This is the only Jewish country in the world, the only country that can prevent another Holocaust. The only country that Jews, wherever they are in danger, can come to. We need to support the State of Israel with no conditions. We’re not here to criticize them. We have a million other things to criticize, not our own people and our own country,” he stressed.