Demolition (archive)
Demolition (archive)Flash 90

Authorities in the central Israeli town of Elad demolished an illegally-built synagogue Monday.

On orders of the Elad municipality, tractors were dispatched to Hameiri Street in Elad Monday morning to demolish a makeshift synagogue used by a local Breslov Hassidic congregation, Kikar Hashabbat reported.

Synagogue officials decried the demolition, claiming that the municipality had given tacit consent to the synagogue’s establishment prior to the local elections in October.

Nevertheless, demolition orders were filed against the synagogue two and a half weeks before the structure was destroyed. No appeal was made against the demolition orders, and on Sunday the orders were implemented.

City officials said the synagogue was demolished since it was not only built without the necessary permits, but was also constructed on part of a public park.